Drawing Classes


Drawing Classes

Classes for primary and college school students run after school on Friday and on Saturday at my gallery opposite Makara Beach Cafe. A number of my students have won school and other art awards and are now exploring careers in the arts, animation and design. Because individual attention is very important the number of students is limited to 8. Lessons are $100 per term. Adults may arrange private tutoring at their convenience during the day. 

Most people would love to be able to draw what they see but believe that being able to draw well is only for the lucky few "gifted" with inborn talent. In fact, drawing ability is dependant on learning how to 'see', being the result of many hours of observational practice.

The ability to express oneself artistically comes from having learned basic perceptual skills which develop from being willing to practice, paying attention, making lots of mistakes and learning from them.

My lessons begin with basic drawing skills in pencil, learning to use line and tone through certain time tested exercises that train the mind and the eye to work together in order to see things 'as they are' so as to draw realistically.

The drawings on this page are by several children of various ages from my classes.