Welcome – you’ve reached the website of artist, illustrator and drawing teacher Helen Casey, based in her art gallery at Makara Beach in Wellington, New Zealand.

Seeing eye to eye with my clients and providing them with illustrations that bring their products and services to life, creating art to lift the heart and grace the home and providing lessons which develop and extend aspiring artists is what I strive for.

This website has been designed to showcase examples of my work as a freelance illustrator and artist as well as providing information about my drawing classes.

The drawing classes equip students of all ages with greater drawing skills which allow them to progress in their tertiary studies to disciplines such as graphic design, architecture and the fine arts. Others simply enjoy drawing and want to become better artists. The classes are held in my art gallery at Makara Beach opposite the cafe.

I hope you enjoy looking at my drawings and paintings.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.